Vapour Organic Beauty Review

Vapour Beauty is an award-winning organic makeup line founded by Krysia Boinis and Kristine Keheley in New Mexico. Their products are made with pure active ingredients & Fine Art Infused Color resulting from Krysia’s knowledge of healing botanicals & alchemical blending and Kristine’s masterful blending of natural mineral pigments. Vapour Beauty products are infused with their Herbal Enlightenment Complex, which holds cultural & spritiual meaning along with skin nourishing benefits. I’ve had the pleasure of trying out a variety of products from their expansive line.

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Lotus Wei Flower Essences Review


If you’re looking for healing beyond the physical and into the emotional & spiritual, flower essence therapy may be for you. Flower Essence Therapy addresses healing on multiple levels- body, emotions, mental outlook, attitudes and spiritual understanding. Sometimes our physical ailments are caused by underlying mental & emotional problems – flower essence therapy addresses these problems. So how does flower essence therapy actually work? Firstly it’s based on the principle that every living entity on earth including plants have an energy (chi). Research shows that plants change their energetic and phytochemical makeup based on the needs of the living beings around them. Flower essences capture the vibrational imprint & energy of a flower in water, which is then stabilized in brandy. Our body harmonizes with the essence by shifting our own vibrations to match that of the flowers. You can choose different flowers to achieve different vibrational results & experience a targeted shift in how you feel & perceive.

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Welcome to the March edition of SKIN FIRST! This is a monthly series of interviews with skin professionals (who also love organic beauty) to help you achieve your best skin possible. This month features the beautiful & sweet Antonella Rodriguez, a New York-based medical esthetician and a green beauty Instablogger (@my_minireviews). I’m so excited to share with you all her skincare knowledge & advice! Read more