ONC NATURALCOLORS Review + Discount Code

Organic NaturalColors has been in the industry for about 30 years and have their own factories to make one of the cleanest, safest hair color products available on the market. Their products aim to cover gray hair 100% while preventing the thinning and breakage of hair. ONC NATURALCOLORS has 29 different box hair colors to choose from, but today I’ll only be sharing their hair care products. I was particularly interested in their purple shampoo and hair renewal treatment. Read on for my ONC NATURALCOLORS review and use discount code OBL to save sitewide.

ONC NATURALCOLORS Neutralizing Shampoo

Even though it has Silver in the name, this purple shampoo is for any yellow or brassy tones and works for gray, blonde, bleached, or highlighted hair. It contains certified organic ingredients along with Biotin, chamomile, sunflower, and aloe vera to nourish hair.



There are a couple ingredients that I would prefer to see omitted, but it’s otherwise a mostly clean formula. This is highly pigmented thanks to Acid Violet 43 and will be more effective at getting rid of yellow brassy tones than a 100% natural toning shampoo. If your brassiness is orange or you are a brunette, I would suggest a blue shampoo. ONC NATURALCOLORS has a product called Blue Mix for precisely this purpose, but it’s meant to be added to their box dye and not shampoo.


ONC NATURALCOLORS Quinoaplex Rapid Renewal Treatment

Giving a little backstory before I get into the product. I’ve been a major hair health streak of using special treatment products and serums to restore the health of my hair. I became increasingly tired of trying to reverse damage from my regular balayage appointments. It was non-stop! So I stopped bleaching my hair, letting my natural hair grow out for the last 1.5 years. Instead of reversing damage I’m simply trying to get my virgin hair as healthy as possible.

I purchased this Quinoaplex off of Amazon because it was different from the usual hair oils and serums I’ve been using. This is more of a bonding treatment and fuses protein back into your hair. Not only protein, but also vitamins, and all eight amino acids for healthy hair. It comes out like a lightweight spray since it’s water-based. There’s a handful of unnecessary ingredients in it, but the important one is the hydrolyzed quinoa protein. Because it’s hydrolyzed the quinoa molecules are small enough to penetrate the hair shaft. I feel like my hair does feel stronger after using this spray.

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