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My Brutally Honest Lume Deodorant Review (sadly negative)

In today’s article I’m sharing my detailed and honest Lume deodorant review. I tested their solid deodorant stick and cream deodorant for the last several months to see if it really worked since the company makes some pretty big claims. I also researched their ingredients to see if they were truly non-toxic and healthy, and I found that they use a number of harmful ingredients, including hiding synthetic fragrance in their unscented deodorant.

Lume is a baking soda free and aluminum free deodorant for underarms & private parts that claims to work for 72 hours (they had a lawsuit against them over this claim). It was developed by an OBGYN to target odor so it doesn’t happen in the first place and claims to work right away eliminating the need for an armpit detox.

It’s also a whole body deodorant and they encourage using it anywhere you have body odor – private parts, belly button, feet. Many natural lifestyle bloggers are saying Lume is a natural deodorant when it’s really not. I’m sharing whether Lume ingredients are safe, my results and my honest opinion.

lume deodorant aluminum freeLume’s deodorants are vegan and cruelty free and made without Aluminum, Baking Soda, Phthalates, Sulfates, Parabens and Talc.

Lume is widely considered a non-toxic or cleaner alternative to mainstream deodorants, but I discovered that they are not non-toxic, natural or even safe for everyone.

They have a sweat control cream deodorant that does have aluminum so I can tell right off the bat Lume is not dedicated to being clean. I did all the research so you don’t have to and found that Lume has a number of MAJOR drawbacks due to the questionable ingredients lurking in all their formulas.

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Their deodorants come in seven scents and an unscented version. The only difference between the ingredients of the scented and unscented deodorant sticks is the fragrance, which is noted with an asterisk. But the cream deodorant versus solid deodorant have different formulations.

Lume’s solid stick deodorant has a drier cream consistency that’s quite dense and a little difficult to spread if you’re a man with hairy pits. The cream tube has a very light and hydrating consistency but has a sour odor.

Is Lume deodorant safe to use?

There’s a number of downsides to using Lume deodorant due to its potentially harmful ingredients of hidden synthetic fragrance in their unscented deodorant and petrochemicals. The one that bugs me the most is they have hidden synthetic masking fragrance, because I’m sure a lot of people pick their unscented deodorant thinking they’re avoiding fragrance. I find it impossible to trust a company who would do this.

Their solid deodorant contains the ingredient Ozokerite, a highly processed petrochemical. This is very questionable ingredient and studies have shown that long-term exposure to ozokerite caused systemic chronic inflammation and was weakly carcinogenic in the liver of male rats. This raises major red flags to me immediately. I wouldn’t want this going anywhere near my private parts, no thank you.lume deodorant does it work

Second, all the scented Lume deodorants contain fragrance with no mention of any natural origin or it being “safer” fragrance which means they use chemical fragrance. The cleaner option out of all the Lume deodorants would be their unscented cream deodorant, but even their unscented deodorant contains fragrance in a pretty sneaky way.

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This brings me to my third drawback, which is Lume’s unscented deodorant STILL has synthetic fragrance hiding in the ingredients list. 

If you look closely at the ingredients list, their unscented deodorant has fragrance molecules like Floral Pyranol and Sandalrome.

Most people don’t know what these are and they aren’t noted as synthetic fragrance, so it’s very easy to miss. These fragrance molecules are commonly used in perfume-making and raise a number of health concerns.

According to the toxicological information I found online, it can cause skin and eye irritation as well as allergic reactions. I’m not surprised that some people experience bad reactions to this deodorant even though it’s baking soda free.

lume deodorants ingredients badIt goes to show that being doctor developed, baking soda free and aluminum free doesn’t automatically mean it’s natural, clean or even safe for you.

That being said, I found that what all the other people were saying about Lumes cream deodorant having a sour smell is completely true.

It does have a noticeable sour smell like it’s off somehow. Once applied though the sour scent goes away as it mixes with your body chemistry and only the deodorant’s true fragrance is noticeable.

The cream deodorant is a little better in formula than the solid deodorant because it doesn’t contain ozokerite and has more natural ingredients like tapioca starch and arrowroot powder, but fragrance molecules are still present even in the default unscented version.

lume deodorant ingredients

Does Lume really work?

For the sake of product testing, I went as far as not showering for 3 days (gross I know but that’s how determined I am to see if a product lives up to its claims!) to see if the claim that it works 72 hours was true and I found that it did keep odor at bay, but only for one armpit funnily enough.

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It also worked for my partner who has much stronger man BO. I feel that the tube cream works a little better than the stick deodorant.

I also tested Lume out during my recent trip to Mauritius where the weather is in the warm 80s and slightly humid, and it didn’t stop me from getting sweaty but I did feel fresh all day. Overall I found Lume’s deodorant to be long lasting and effective. But, I’d rather not risk my health for the sake of performance when it comes to deodorants.

I personally think there are way healthier and safer deodorants that are truly non-toxic and work just as well, so I will not be re-purchasing. Not to mention there are so many deodorant brands out there who hold themselves to a higher standard of integrity when it comes to their business practices.

I would definitely recommend staying away from their sweat control deodorant because it’s got aluminum high up on the list.

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39 responses to “My Brutally Honest Lume Deodorant Review (sadly negative)”

  1. Mary Avatar

    When I first saw ads for Lume I thought it must be liken to the deodorizer Poof which is Nitrogen relative. So that turned me off. AND nowadays America says anything in bad language that they feel like.
    So not how I was raised; thus the word Privates shocks all around my age of 71 and some what younger as well.
    I personally thank you for the revelation of Lume.
    Mary in Texas

    The ad just came on TV again!

    1. Andrea Avatar

      Hi Mary! Thank you for reading and the kind feedback! I’m so happy you found this helpful. Those ads though!

      1. Michelle Crews Avatar
        Michelle Crews

        Hi Andrea,

        I bought this deodorant recently to try. I would add one additional experience your review did not mention. I tried it the first time after shaving, which is a normal shower practice for me, and it burned so badly on freshly shaven skin! Even the slightest touch of the deodorant stick to my skin was down right painful. I tested it a few times, just to make sure, and I always had the same terrible burning, so not for me.
        Thank you for your review.

        1. Andrea Avatar

          Hi Michelle! So glad you found this post and so appreciate you sharing your personal experience! Let me know if you find any favorite deodorants that don’t give you that burning🫶

  2. Angie from Georgia Avatar
    Angie from Georgia

    Thank you for your review. After seing the add over and over I finally wanted to try. So glad I read your review, definitely not buying it.

    1. Andrea Avatar

      I’m so glad you found my Lume post helpful! It’s effective but I find their practices to be shady!

  3. Georgia E Murtaugh Avatar
    Georgia E Murtaugh

    Thank you for your evaluation. I have 3 Grandchildten who stay with me all summer and purchase their personal products. This item was on my list and now removed. I do use all natural products ie bathing soap, shampoos and deodorant. I will stick to what I have for them.

    1. Andrea Avatar

      Thanks for your lovely feedback Georgia! Sounds like the perfect summer!

      1. Donna Avatar

        What do you recommend?

        1. Andrea Avatar

          I wrote an article here that lays out all the best clean deodorants 🙂 My personal favorites are Routine and Pretty Frank but if you’re not into jar deodorants I really like Primally Pure.

    2. Pauline Avatar

      I used the wipes and the lotion, I did not care for the smell. I won’t use it again. Thank you for letting us know about your experience. I will definitely NOT try the deodorant.

  4. Linda S Kenny Avatar
    Linda S Kenny

    I think it just gives you a different unpleasant oder. I didn’t care for it at all.

  5. Judith Symank Avatar
    Judith Symank

    I didn’t get odor protection from this product for 72 hours and the best I got was 12 hours.
    What I did get was a rash under both arms from using Lume!

  6. Mary Lou Jenkins Avatar
    Mary Lou Jenkins

    •When looking for info on a product I’m interested in, I first look at the negatives. They generally include more specific details, and explanations about the product. Thank you for the information you provided. it helps people to make a more informed decision.
    • to Mary in Texas: can you think of a better word to replace ‘privates’ (sorry)? Until I saw your comment, I thought it was acceptable. But I’m wondering what, if anything, you and others would find less offensive. (Just wondering.)

  7. Anita Hargreaves Avatar

    A well know, intuitive, US, purple haired lawyer on YouTube advertising this product with 15% off starter kit, I was interested and glad I looked on internet after seeing quite expensive at Amazon. I will not be buying due to unfavourable reviews. Thank you from U.K..

    1. Angela L Roller Avatar
      Angela L Roller

      Lume does not keep odor at bay for 72 hours,contrary to what everyone says. It might last 24 hours if I’m lucky. I end up smelling as though I haven’t showered in 3 days,even though I shower daily. Lady Parts works better for less money.

  8. Mary Gibbs Avatar
    Mary Gibbs

    After listening to many Lume commercials all I could think of is Why discourage bathing? I am in the over 70’s crowd and all I could do is laugh at myself when my first reaction was ” Ewwww!” thanks for you enlightening review.

  9. Mary Gibbs Avatar
    Mary Gibbs

    After listening to many Lume commercials all I could think of is Why discourage bathing? I am in the over 70’s crowd and all I could do is laugh at myself when my first reaction was ” Ewww !” thanks for you enlightening review.

    1. Andrea Avatar

      Thank you for reading! Right I love baths and that clean feeling right after a shower too much😂

  10. Lynn Aisha Avatar
    Lynn Aisha

    I wish I had seen this review before I purchased. It’s sad this is the true outcome. Thank you for the warning!

    1. Andrea Avatar

      Thank you for reading and I hope you find a deo you love!

  11. B Wittelsberger. Avatar
    B Wittelsberger.

    The OBGYN that invented the said deodorants also does the commercial is a absolutely crass and I need to change the channel because she makes me gag

  12. Katie Avatar

    I too purchased this product not realizing it is only a deodorant and not an antiperspirant. It does help with odor as it claims but not 72hrs!! it concerns me with the ingredients and then claims to be clean.

  13. Rick Avatar

    This” Doctor ” is a disgusting individual. There is noone who would need a deodorant that lasts for 72 hours. I have been married to my beautiful wife for 40 years. we bathe and don’t stink….maybe if you bathed every day you wouldn’t need this shit

    1. Andrea Avatar

      This is the sweetest Rick she’s lucky to have a husband who will most definitely shower within 72 hours.

  14. Mara Avatar

    I tried the 4 pack, all unscented.
    For unscented, it definately stunk so bad, I couldn’t stand it.
    I tried in on my pits for 2 days and they reaked worse than my natural smell.
    Not one gyn I have spoken to recommends putting anything but soap and water on your privates, so her being a gyn and starting privates was my first concern.
    Chemicals used in the product was my second concern.
    Bottom line all 4 items went in the trash and will never reorder.

  15. Marci Avatar

    I have a severe allergy to mammal ingredients. Does the Lume acidified body with lavender sage have any mammal in it? Is the glycerin plant based? I have read the deodorant is vegan.

  16. D smith Avatar
    D smith

    I have been married to my wonderful wife for 45 years. I can see no reason to need a deodorant that lasts 72 hours, we bathe daily and never stink.
    This so called doctor must think it’s ok to go without daily hygiene is a disgusting individual, doctor or not!

    Apparently, she can’t make a living as a doctor. Massive commercials and disgusting content are her go to money making scenes.

    Don’t fall pery to this stupidity!

  17. June Avatar

    Aside from lume deodorant having some questionable ingredients, it doesn’t even work ! I felt like I had armput odor within 12 hours !!

  18. June Avatar

    Aside from lume deodorant having some questionable ingredients, it doesn’t even work ! I felt like I had armput odor within 12 hours !!
    I’ve never posted a comment before

    1. Andrea Avatar

      I’m so glad I’m the first site you’ve commented on that actually means a lot! Yea the 72 hour claim is pretty pointless!

  19. Karyl Koch Avatar
    Karyl Koch

    I have used Numi, for a year. I love the cream. I guess everyone has their own opinion. I can see you have received all negative responses. I do shower regularly, but like the product. It gives me a xtra protection that I like. I have had odor under my arms even wearing a typical product. Lume works for me and I love the cream when compared with a stick deodorant. The only complaint I have is, I incorrectly bought the coconut.and I smelled like a pina colada. I also have a terrible reaction to sweating. I get covered with hives. I must say I personally like the product.

  20. LMcLark Avatar

    In the commercials, the doctor has the same bathroom as her patient. The patient has a robe on, and a towel on her head. Couldn’t they use a different scene/set?
    Perhaps her patient is also her (female)spouse!

  21. indigo Avatar

    Thanks for the review. I wondered about Lume being anti perperserant. Now I know.
    I wouldn’t use it anyway. I resent being told that I stink all over all the time and that I need do something about it.

    1. Andrea Avatar

      I’m glad you found it useful! Have you tried 100% glycolic acid?

  22. Anne Woodshank Avatar
    Anne Woodshank

    I started out trying the deodorant because I do have the problem of nasty arm pit smell. After using the cream and the invisible cream for pits and the cream I started to see what I thought were bites in my armpits. I kind of ignored them and the itch quit so I figured everything was OK. I was wrong, I checked my pits yesterday and I have what looks like ringworm. I quit it right away and washed my armpits and have not put anything on them right now. Hoping this heals up on it’s own, if not I will be seeing my doctor.

  23. Connie Slevinski Avatar
    Connie Slevinski

    I purchased Lume Deodorant and was very disappointed with it. I used it for about 6 weeks I was expecting it to control the odor under my arms for the 72 hours the way they advertise, but it only controlled my odor for about 12 hours. The price is expensive considering my own deodorant does the same thing.

  24. Melanie Avatar

    I understand that there will be people for whom Lume doesn’t work (NOTHING will work for everyone), but I have been totally satisfied with Lume. It has worked very well for me, and I have not experienced any of the issues people have written here. I am not questioning their results (as I said, nothing works for everyone–and there will always be people who will have adverse reactions), but those experiences are not indicative of everyone. Rather than refusing to buy something because the people who leave replies are usually be people who have the negative experiences on these type sites), buy ONE and see for yourself.

  25. Judy Weissert Avatar

    I bought Lume, both cream and solid. I used the cream and I have a painful rash under my breast’s and my thighs. my husband used the deodorant and he had alot of pain also. not using it.

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