My Honest Medicube Review: I Tested Booster H and Age R Ussera Deep Shot

I was asked by a member of the OBL community to review the Medicube, so I went out into the World Wide Web (Amazon) to purchase the Age R Ussera Deep shot. It’s a popular Korean skincare device that has a strong social media presence and plenty of influencers raving about it. But is the Medicube Age R Ussera Deep Shot actually worth it and does it make sense for you? First of all, Age R Ussera is not very accessible at $435 but they do often have sales that will bring it down to the mid $300s range and their conductive gel is around $25. It’s also not a Microcurrent device in case that’s what you’re thinking. Read on for my honest Medicube review.

medicube age r booster h

Medicube Age R Booster H Review 

I’ve been testing the Medicube Age R Booster H for the last several months and find it very easy to use. The newest addition to the Medicube skincare device lineup has been plastered all over every beauty creator’s page thanks to celeb buzz. I’ve had skincare absorption devices before, two to be exact, but none of them gained the traction that this one has. 

Age R Booster H uses electroporation technology to help skincare actives penetrate deeper. According to the brand 490% deeper, which is a pretty insane number. It has 5 different power settings and the electrical pulses feel similar to microcurrent. On the highest setting, it feels like really strong microcurrent without the pain. 

Whether it actually helps my products penetrate deeper, I’m not going to make any personal claims about that as who really knows. I will say that I think product absorption doesn’t get much attention, when it’s actually super important. So I like that this device has put the spotlight on a neglected area of skin care.

medicube age r booster h

medicube age r booster h


Medicube Ussera Deep Shot

There are some pretty big cons to this device for me, but if you’re committed you’re committed. Medicube Age R Ussera Deep Shot (why the overly complicated name!) features two technologies:

  • Ultrasound – sends ultrasonic wave energy
  • High Frequency – generates heat deep in the skin

Remember, these are not electrical currents so it’s not a ZAP feeling like the NuFace. Instead you’ll feel a warming sensation. Be careful not to give the same area consecutive “shots” because you’ll overheat the area which will be painful and probably damaging.

medicube age r ussera deep shot

The main function of the Medicube Age R Ussera Deep Shot is to stimulate collagen production.

Vaguely put, its goal is to give you healthier and better looking skin.

The concerns it can help most with are sunkenness and sagging.


I’m unsure about the long term effect of using this device and am hesitant to recommend it.

But the immediate effects I see after a treatment is more toned skin.

medicube review

What I find annoying about the device is how you need to manually press the “shot” button 80 times for a full treatment and each time you press it, there is a continuous beeping noise that only stops once the “shot” is complete. So I have nonstop beeping by my ears for several minutes.

I also find it tedious having to count 80 shots and wish the device would just work automatically for however long it takes to give you 80 shots.

Medicube Amazon Store

medicube age r booster h


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