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My Honest Kencko Review (I Tried Their Powdered Smoothies) 2024

I love the certified organic freeze-dried smoothies made by Kencko because they come in convenient little packets, a variety of fruit & veggie blends that taste great and ship from Portugal. As someone who’s enjoyed Daily Harvest smoothies in the past, I was curious to try the powdered version made by Kencko. Instead of these huge boxes filled with whole fruit and veggie smoothie containers, you get a small and sleek powder packet. I definitely do not make juices and smoothies everyday, though I truly wish I could be those girls who starts their day off with a morning celery juice. Brands that make my wellness routine easier are most welcome, including Kencko. Read on for my Kencko smoothie review and save 15% with discount code OBL15 at Kencko.
Kencko smoothies

The Pros of Kencko Smoothies

  • No colors, flavor enhancers, preservatives, fillers. added sugars or artificial sweeteners
  • Made from real organic produce
  • Each smoothie contains 2.5 servings of fruits or vegetables
  • USDA organic and EU certified organic
  • Compostable packaging (smoothie packets are made of compostable plant-based film)
  • Ships to US, UK and EU

How Kencko Makes Their Powdered Smoothie

Fresh, organic produce is flash-frozen and slow-dried to capture its nutrients, fiber, color and flavor in a convenient powder. Each smoothie contains ~85 calories, and gives the same nutritional benefits as 2.5 cups of fresh produce. Simply mix with water or your favorite milk for a quick, healthy boost.

How To Make a Kencko Smoothie

1. Massage the packet well before you open it, to break up any clumps.

2. Always add the liquid first, then the powder.

3. Give the bottle a gentle swirl to wet all the powder before you start shaking.

How Much Does Kencko Cost?

  • 20 smoothies – $2.99 per smoothie ($60 total)
  • 30 smoothies – $2.69 per smoothie ($80 total)
  • 60 smoothies – $2.49 per smoothie ($150 total)

With affiliate Kencko discount code OBL15 the prices go down to:

  • 20 smoothies – $50 with code OBL15
  • 30 smoothies – $69 with code OBL15
  • 60 smoothies – $127 with code OBL15

While this is a subscription based company, it’s flexible so you can pause or cancel anytime. Kencko also has a happiness guarantee.

Kencko smoothies

What I Like About Kencko

There’s just always going to be days where I’m too busy or too lazy to get all my fruits and veggies in and Kencko solves that pain point.

I like that they didn’t add any sweetener, even the natural ones, because I already add more than I should to my coffee.

There’s also a wide selection of 16 smoothies to choose from.

What I Don’t Like About Kencko

  • Doesn’t have the thickness of real smoothies
  • Tastes like a thin, watered down smoothie
  • While I like tasting pulpy bits in my smoothie, sometimes I don’t get the mixing quite right and it tastes grainy

Kencko smoothies

How Do Kencko Smoothies Taste?

They do taste like real ingredients but there’s a grittiness to the texture if you happen to not mix it right, which I can see as a dealbreaker for some.

I personally like the level of sweetness that comes through naturally from the fruits.

Kencko smoothies

Do Kencko Smoothies Go Bad?

Each Kencko packet lasts 3-6 months. The Best Before date is not a strict expiry date, but a freshness date.

Kencko smoothies

How To Make Your Kencko Smoothie Taste Better

Chilling your smoothie will make it taste better. Just like a room temp smoothie blended from scratch would taste weird, so would Kencko unless you add ice.

If it’s not sweet enough for you try adding honey or agave syrup.

Kencko smoothies

Do you Use Milk or Water?

You can use either milk or chilled water depending on your preference.

Kencko Discount Code – OB15 saves 15%

Use affiliate discount code OBL15 to save 15% sitewide at Kencko.

Ships to: USA, EU & UK

Kencko Website

Kencko smoothies


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