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Pit Liquor Deodorant Review (I Tried Blue Lotus and Vanilla Bourbon)

Pit Liquor sent me a couple of their 100% natural deodorants to test out a few months ago, so today I’m sharing my detailed and honest review. Do they work? Do they smell like liquor? Keep reading to find out.

I tried both their Blue Lotus deodorant and Vanilla Bourbon deodorant, and I also had my partner test them out since he’s stinkier than I am. This was also my first time trying out a vodka and whiskey-based product!

Pit Liquor makes unisex deodorants that are technically geared towards men, but I’ve gotten feedback from female readers saying they love Pit Liquor’s deodorants too!

pit liquor clean deodorant

These are completely non-toxic deodorants made in Colorado with organic ingredients, essential oils, plant extracts. There’s NO aluminum, baking soda, phthalates, synthetic fragrance or fluff and they’re vegan and cruelty-free.

At first I thought, “Really, whiskey and vodka powered deodorant? I have truly seen it all now.”

I’ll admit it did sound gimmick-y to me at first. But the vodka and whiskey ingredients are actually science-backed in that alcohol kills bacteria, which is the root cause of stink. So by tackling the real issue, this deodorant doesn’t just mask the odor but stops it at its source.

They also use an overproof, locally sourced liquor that’s regulated, clean, and safe. And don’t worry, these deodorants do NOT actually smell like vodka or whiskey! The only hint I get that there might be spirits involved is the faint scent of rye or grains. But that might just be in my head because I already knew what was inside before using them.

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Pit Liquor deodorants come as a spray or roll-on and cost $16 for the 50 ml spray or roll-on and $24 for the 100ml spray. They also offer gigantic eco-friendly refills for $75.

pit liquor vanilla bourbon deodorant

Vanilla Bourbon Deodorant

Out of the two scents I tried, Vanilla Bourbon was the standout product for me. (For my partner it was Blue Lotus.) The first thing I noticed was the incredible vanilla bean scent that smells so natural and not at all syrupy or saccharine. I would totally wear this as a perfume – it smells better than some of actual vanilla clean perfumes!

The real question is does Pit Liquor’s deodorant actually work and they did for both me and my stinkier partner.

These aren’t an antiperspirant so they don’t stop sweat, but I didn’t experience any odor. I’ve also used it after I had forgotten to wear deodorant in the morning and developed b.o. by the afternoon and it completely eliminated my stench.

So it’s not just the vodka and whiskey killing the odor-causing bacteria. It also contains arrowroot and sea salt to enhance its odor-fighting capabilities as well as antioxidants from organic Greek Mountain Tea, Umckaloabo, Gotu Kola and Elderflower.

The arrowroot powder separates from the liquid so you need to give the bottle a good shake before using it.

pit liquor natural deodorant

You can see in the image above that the bottle on the left has a lighter shade than the same on the right because I mixed up the ingredients. So to get the deodorant’s full benefits you’ve got to shake it up.

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pit liquor natural deodorant aluminum free

Blue Lotus Deodorant

Blue Lotus wasn’t my favorite deodorant because it definitely has a more masculine scent. My partner didn’t enjoy Vanilla Bourbon but loved Blue Lotus. It’s got a fresh, aquatic scent that’s made with 100% natural oils instead of synthetics.

Blue Lotus deodorant starts in just a vodka base (no whiskey), which is to give it a fresher, lighter scent and feel I think. The Blue Lotus oil, Green Tea oil and Plai oil is what gives the deodorant its ocean-inspired fragrance.

The 50ml glass bottles aren’t too bulky and I can see myself carrying them around, but the 100ml ones are not travel-friendly. The glass look and feel is very luxurious but not the most convenient.

My boyfriend uses the Blue Lotus deodorant daily and has come back stink-free even after a long day of work that ended with a basketball match. I mean a match that he actually played in and sweated throughout. I really did not expect it to work through all that, but it did and completely. I could not even detect a hint of stench.

My Verdict

Overall, I feel like Pit Liquor offers something truly unique with their deodorants. They’re not only all natural, but also highly effective (in my experience) and smell amazing. If you’re a vanilla lover, you will definitely enjoy their Vanilla Bourbon.

And if you find yourself sensitive to natural deodorants with baking soda, Pit Liquor’s non-baking soda formula that uses spirits might actually work out for you.

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