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Henry Rose Review (I Tried 9 Bestsellers)

In todays’ article, I’m sharing my honest Henry Rose review of their clean perfume bestsellers. I tested Windows Down, Jake’s House, Torn, Flora Carnivora, Dark is Night, Sheep’s Clothing, Fog, Smyth and Last Light and am sharing the line’s hit and misses. I’ve worn over a hundred clean perfumes and have a good idea of what smells generic versus interesting.

Henry Rose is a unisex clean perfume brand founded by actress Michelle Pfeiffer that’s as safe and transparent as possible. Michelle Pfeiffer swore off conventional fragrance when her kids were born over a decade ago, and in 2019 launched Henry Rose with five perfumes. Henry Rose is the only line of clean perfumes to be formulated with the Environmental Working Group. They’re also 100% transparent in disclosing every ingredient used and hold multiple certifications that ensure quality and safety. Henry Rose is EWG Verified (stands for health, transparency, and good manufacturing practices) and Cradle to Cradle Certified (one of the world’s most rigorous product sustainability standards). So toss aside your Jo Malone and read on for the best and worst Henry Rose perfumes!

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Henry Rose perfumes

I purchased the Henry Rose Discovery Set, and overall, I found Henry Rose to be a true genderless unisex type of clean fragrance line, with certain scents leaning more masculine and others feminine. As with any line, there are some real standouts and others that get lost in the crowd. The full size Henry Rose perfumes come in a minimalistic no-frills transparent glass bottle with black cap. They also lean slightly on the expensive side for a clean perfume made with synthetics.

Henry Rose: 100% Transparent Fine Fragrances

Are Henry Rose Perfumes long lasting?

On average I get about 3 hours maybe 4 hours of wear, but it depends on how many spritzes I wear and which perfume. Certain Henry Rose scents are much lighter than others and fade quickly, particularly  Sheep’s Clothing and Windows Down, while the darker perfumes can linger for over several hours.

Henry Rose is not sold at Sephora or Amazon. For clean perfume brands that are sold on Amazon click here.

Most Popular Henry Rose Scents

Best Henry Rose Scents (Personal Opinion)

These are the Henry Rose scents I consider the best – keep in mind this is personal to me and everyone can have different favorites according to their taste!

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Jake’s House (Clean & soft honeyed musky floral)

Jake’s House is a perfectly unisex scent that’s neither too masculine nor too feminine. It goes right down the middle and would work just as well for a man as it would for a women. Henry Rose Jake’s House is clean, easy, and soft with a honeyed characteristic to its floral and musky notes. There is an everyday type of scent and could easily be worn on its own and layered with other perfumes without becoming offensive. Top notes: fresh marine Middle notes: Neroli, Peony, Jasmine Bottom notes: Ambroxan, Musk

Flora Carnivora (grounding floral)

If you love florals but don’t want something too sweet or juvenile, I think Flora Carnivora is a great scent to check out. This is Henry Rose’s only true floral scent and one of their most recent new launches from 2021. Flora Carnivora is much more feminine leaning and floral but not in a bright, uplifting way – this is a grounding and sultry floral with earthy and musky characteristics that feels grown up. You have the fragrant jasmine, tuberose and orange flower at the heart of the perfume, but deepened with vetiver oil, cedarwood, opulent  musks and Amber. I find it to be a softly rich and sultry white floral scent. Update: Flora Carnivora just won an Allure Best of Beauty 2022 award for best clean fragrance!

Torn (sweet warm vanilla floral)

I’m such a sucker for vanilla scents and Torn is no exception. This is a yummy vanilla floral perfume with Rose, violet and jasmine at the heart and a base of Musk, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla Bean and Praline. I love the addition of patchouli and violet, which are scent notes I don’t find very often used together  in clean perfume lines that aren’t 100% natural and include synthetics. To me this is a scent that seducts but remains playful. It’s a cozy, sultry, warm and sweet vanilla perfume that I can see most vanilla lovers enjoying or millennials upgrading to a more sophisticated vanilla scent. I cannot picture this scent on a man or on an older generation of women.

Dark is Night (sexy smoky earthy vanilla)

I don’t consider Dark Is Night an everyday perfume as I have to be a in a particular mood to choose a “dark” and very rich earthy scent over lighter, more feminine scents, but Dark Is Night is beautiful, sexy and interesting. This is a very rich and heavy scent, and the longest lasting scent in the Henry Rose line. I spritzed this in the morning and I could still smell it in the early evening. While I say that it’s not an everyday scent for me, that could change once fall and winter rolls around. In fact, I’d probably totally want a full sized bottle of Dark Is Night for winter. The notes are vetiver, freesia, patchouli and vanilla bean, but I mostly detect just the patchouli and vanilla bean.

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Worst Henry Rose Perfumes

Okay keep in mind my worst scents are easily someone else’s best scents, but here are the Henry Rose perfumes that I didn’t like. And when I say “worst” I don’t mean they’re bad scents, I just wouldn’t purchase a full sized bottle for myself.

Windows Down

I just can’t picture myself ever shelling out $130 to buy a full sized bottle of Windows Down. I didn’t feel drawn to this scent and nothing about it really stood out to me like some of the other scents. Windows Down is a light floral scent that’s clean and crisp with some musk and green. The base notes are moss, guaiacwood and musk. For me, it leans a little too masculine but I’m not sure I would even care to smell this on a man. Though it’s in no way offensive and I know many people love Windows Down, unfortunately it reminds me of any generic mass-produced perfume to be brutally honest. Maybe it’s because I’ve been testing clean perfumes non stop for the last year, but Windows Down gets lost in the crowd for me.


Oh boy, Smyth. I tried hard to get into this perfume, but I just did not like this scent no matter what. I couldn’t get over how much it reminds me of Bath and Body Work’s fruity hand soaps. Smyth is a little too juvenile and sickly sweet for me, and much more suited to a younger customer. It’s a juicy Jolly Rancher green apple scent that dries down to something generic. Smyth is another Henry Rose scent that disappears into the crowd. Top notes: Melon, Green Apple, Sorbet, Pineapple Middle Notes: Star Jasmine, Apricot, White Tea Base notes: Sandalwood, ISO E Super, Musk, White woods

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Other Henry Rose Scents

Other Henry Rose scents were perfumes I enjoyed but weren’t exactly enamored with were:

  • Fog: I can see Fog entering my Best Of list  Fog in the winter, but I’m not as drawn to it in the current summer. I also hesitate to include Fog in my “ Best Of” list as I know most women are partial to feminine, floral scents. This is a true woodsy scent that reminds me of Abbott NYC’s Sequoia and Heretic’s Sandalwood (which are both beautiful in their own way), except Fog has a tinge of sweetness to it that makes it a more alluring scent.
  • Sheep’s Clothing: Strong opening pepper note that becomes a very light musky Rose. Don’t think I’d spend $130 on a full size. This is a classic old-fashioned type of scent.
  • Last Light: Hard to put my finger on this scent as I neither loved nor hated it. I detected a sweet fruity scent with an underlying woodsy and musky characteristic. It’s easygoing and inoffensive, but not sure I’d actually spend $130 to buy a full size. Last Light is particularly suited to peach scent lovers.

Easy and light:

  • Last Light
  • Windows Down
  • Sheep’s Clothing
  • Jake’s House
  • Smyth


  • Dark Is Night
  • Fog

Most feminine:

  • Flora Carnivora
  • Last Light
  • Smyth
  • Torn

Most masculine:

  • Windows Down
  • Fog

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Not a Fan of Henry Rose? Here’s My Suggestions

If you’re not a fan of Henry Rose’s scents because they lean too masculine, cloying or heavy, then allow me to suggest the below clean perfume lines that lean more feminine:


8 responses to “Henry Rose Review (I Tried 9 Bestsellers)”

  1. Pamela Pfennig Avatar
    Pamela Pfennig

    I have tried all of your fragrances and my favorite is Flora Carnivora. I also like Querns and Monsters. However, the fragrance does not last.
    I have been doing research to find a fragrance that has longevity and in my search I discovered the ingredient that give most of the very HIGH END fragrances their longevity…AMBERGRIS which is excreted from the digestive tracts of spent whales.

    I am quite sure you have heard of this and perhaps you use it in your fragrances. If so, maybe just not enough.

    I realize your fragrance is Cruelty free, since ambergris is excreted from the whales digestive tract, the animal does not need to be killed to obtain the ambergris.

    From ambergris is extracted ambroxide, an odorless alcohol, and this is the ingredient that gives very expensive perfumes their longevity.

    I am sure you are aware all of this and so now my question!!

    Do you use ambroxide in your fragrances?
    If you do, then my hopes of finding a fragrance, that will last for most of the day, are dashed!!!!

    If you do not…is there any possibility of your perfumers incorporating this ingredient in your fragrances?

    Perhaps you could offer two lines, one with and one without. I would be willing to pay much more than you are asking now if only it would last.

    I love the fact that your fragrances are so pure as I am a cancer survivor. I do not use dangerous chemicals on my skin, hair or nails. As far as my research goes, I have not found any evidence that ambergris is carcinogenic or otherwise dangerous.

    Thank you for considering my suggestion if not already a component in your fragrances ?

    Most Sincerely!
    Pamela Pfennig

    1. Andrea Avatar

      Hi Pamela I recommend writing to Henry Rose by email for the quickest answer!

      1. Terri Avatar

        I fell for the hype. All of it stinks. Wished I hadn’t wasted 45.00 plus dollars. It all smell like some old rotten men’s cologne found in an old abandoned house in the woods.

        1. Andrea Avatar

          Hey Terri! If you find Henry Rose too cologne-y I suggest checking out the fragrance house Sana Jardin!

          1. Stephanie Daugherty Avatar
            Stephanie Daugherty

            I recently acquired queens and monsters and last light. queens and monsters is beautiful but doesn’t last on me. however last light is amazing on me. at first spray i get a blast of patchouli that never leaves secondary i get a juicy peach. the drydown is a clean scent that has decent village and lasts about 6 hours. I’m fine with spraying again for a boost. I got travel sprays but am thinking about a fb of last light fir spring and summer.

          2. Andrea Avatar

            That’s so interesting! I loved reading your description of Last Light and am glad you found one you liked!

  2. Sarah fort Avatar
    Sarah fort

    I bought sample pack 120.00 didn’t like any of them gave me a headache aggravated my allergies

    1. Andrea Avatar

      Let us know if you find a clean fragrance that you love and that doesn’t aggravate your allergies!

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