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My Honest Elix Healing Review (+ a chat with founder Lulu Ge)

In today’s article, I’m sharing my honest Elix Healing review of their Cycle Balance. If you experience painful or heavy menstrual flow, cramps, bloating, mood swings and fatigue during the days leading up to and during your period, Chinese herbs might help you! As someone who deals with irregular periods, fatigue and cramping, I had to test out their Cycle Balance Blend. I also chatted with Elix’s founder Lulu Ge to help our readers understand Elix and what it does better. I’m sharing what I discovered while using Elix Healing’s Cycle Balance Blend and everything you need to know before purchasing (plus use code OBL20 to save 20%).

elix healing cycle balance

What is Elix Healing?

Elix Healing Cycle Balance Blend is a personalized blend of organic medicinal herbs that are clinically-proven (by 2,500 years of Chinese Medicine research and modern research) to treat the root cause of menstrual symptoms. Elix was developed with a team of doctors, herbalists, nutritionists and acupuncturists. The result – powerful all natural formulas that combine ancient wisdom and modern research so that we don’t have to rely on toxic drugs and synthetic birth control that only mask menstrual symptoms rather than treat them.

Elix’s founder Lulu Ge tells us, “Elix is the first digital platform to deliver personalized Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) by combining over 5,000 years of knowledge, medicinal herbs, and clinical research to empower self-healing. Elix is bringing a holistic approach to underserved and stigmatized areas of chronic care, beginning with menstrual and hormone health. As menstrual cycles are a vital sign for our overall health, Elix’s pure and potent liquid herbal extracts have been clinically studied to treat hormonal imbalances that are the root cause of painful and life-disrupting symptoms. Beyond herbal treatments, Elix is committed to breaking women’s health taboos and bringing an East meets West approach to bridging the gap in healthcare knowledge with community, content and care.

How Does Elix Healing Work?

elix healing cycle balance hormoneElix Healing is all about the power of potent healing herbs that have been used for over 2,500 years in Chinese Medicine and backed by both clinical trials and modern research. These herbs help regulate hormones like estrogen, which can cause heavy period flow when their levels are too high, and prostaglandins levels, which trigger uterine muscle contractions. Higher prostaglandins levels are associated with pain, inflammation, and more severe menstrual cramps. By working at the root cause of menstrual symptoms, Elix Healing’s Cycle Balance Blend can reduce painful cycle-related symptoms by relaxing uterine muscles, reducing pain and regulating your cycle.

I took a 10 minute long, very detailed assessment that asked all sorts of questions around my period, exercise, sleep and lifestyle habits. Elix Healing then customized my herbal blend according to the results. My bottle came with my name signed on the label to indicate it was personally made for me.

Does Elix Healing Actually Work? My Experience

Elix Healing cycle balanceI started this formula back in November and was expecting results to kick in around my 3rd or 4th cycle, but was actually surprised at how well Elix worked for me on my first cycle. It was almost a little too good to be true! It’s not like it went my symptoms disappear completely but they were definitely less intense. I didn’t experience my usual painful cramping, didn’t feel completely fatigued and wanting to stay in bed all day and hardly even noticed I was on my period at times.

Since I have an irregular cycle I started taking 3 droppers a day and then increased it to 6 droppers twice a day a week before my period, as instructed on the bottle. If you’re irregular you can actually take 3 full droppers each day throughout the month. I could immediately taste the strength and potency of the herbs in Cycle Balance. It tastes super strong (with bitter herbal notes) and reminds me of the herbal blends my mom would make me drink when I was sick as a child. This is definitely not something you could find on a supermarket shelf.

Here is what OBL reader Maria has to say about Cycle Balance:

Pleasant sweet tasting tincture. Helped a lot with my premenstrual symptoms. I had less mood swings and more pep in my step leading up to my period when usually that week is horrendous for me. I am very impressed with the results in such a short time and looking forward to ordering more and taking it for a longer duration of time to see even more improvements.

Another reader Allie shares her experience with Cycle Balance with us:

The bad: the taste. I was not a fan however if I mixed it in lemonade and chugged it then it was tolerable but the instructions don’t tell you if it’s ok to mix it in something or if that’ll mess anything up. Definitely could not have tolerated it without mixing it though.

The good: As a adenomyosis sufferer this gave me what was probably much closer to a “normal” period than what I usually experience. I didn’t spend 4 days in bed curled in the fetal position so that alone is a win. Also, I noticed that my regular monthly period bloating seemed to dissipate WAY quicker. If I had the budget to continue taking this I have no doubt I’d continue to see even greater benefits. While every body is different it’s definitely a product that’s worth giving a try.

4/5 stars

Elix Healing herbal wellnessI also started taking Elix’s Daily Harmony after my period was over to focus on stress support, sleep, focus and digestion. This is a stronger, enhanced version of supercharged a traditional Chinese medicine formula that’s been used for hundreds of years called Xiao Yao San. This also has a very strong herbal taste that’s noticeable even when mixed in water. I take this first thing in the morning before any food for optimal results. It’s got many of the herbs (but not all) of the herbs present in Cycle Balance like Licorice, Ginger, White Peony, White Ginseng, Reishi Poria and Rehmannia Root.

Elix’s Ginger Aide is made purely of 100% organic ginger and is super potent! I mix 3-6 dropperfuls in my morning water and it gives it a nice sweet herbal kick. I regularly boil fresh ginger in water to drink for overall well-being as it helps whenever I have any sort of minor ache or pain, but Ginger Aide is super convenient for when I don’t have the energy to make it from scratch.

Zoey’s Digestif is a sugar-free digestif that helps with bloating, nausea, and stomach discomfort and is made of organic ginger, cardamom pods, cinnamon, hawthorn berry and orange peel. According to traditional Chinese medicine, these ingredients warm up the body and strengthen the spleen. It tastes super sweet and festive and is easy to add to any drink. At first I made the mistake of taking this after a heavy meal instead of before and found that it did provide subtle temporary relief, but you’re supposed to take it BEFORE eating. It’s hard to tell whether I’m digesting properly after a meal because of the help of the digestif or if I would have digested well anyways regardless.

Overall, I feel like I haven’t come across a modern TCM brand that’s executed as well as Elix and that this is a unique product that’s worth a try.

Elix Healing Clinical Trials

Herbal supplements are not evaluated by the FDA, so Elix set out to conduct their own clinical trials to evaluate the products. Ge tells us, “Women’s healthcare is systemically underfunded and overlooked so in Q1 2022, Elix commissioned and completed an Institutional Review Board approved pioneering clinical trial to independently assess the effectiveness of our hero product, Cycle Balance, a personalized Chinese Herbal blend formulated to holistically support symptoms at the root cause, on 15 common menstrual symptoms associated with dysmenorrhea (period pain) such as cramps, headaches, fatigue, and mood swings. The company is immensely proud to share that 90% of trial participants stated that Cycle Balance improved their menstrual symptoms overall with better cycle regulation, less pain, fewer missed work hours, fewer canceled plans, and less consumption of OTC pain medication among a plethora of other findings. Our research partners told us that this was the most successful clinical trial they’ve overseen!

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, up to 90% of women experience chronic cycle related and hormonal imbalances that lead to debilitating symptoms – that’s 80 million in the US alone! Yet only 4% of research and development addresses women’s health issues in the country. As a result, healthcare professionals are woefully decades behind in understanding and treating women. Our pain is diminished and internalized starting from childhood, societal and racial inequities continue with more WOC being misdiagnosed or diagnosed late, and unnecessary suffering is endured.

Herbal supplements are not required to be evaluated by the FDA, so more clinical trials like ours along with robust research are necessary to provide confidence to medical professionals and women that supplements can be an effective option and to understand who should use them.

Furthermore, Elix’s clinical trial goes beyond what is required by the FDA to show an East meets West approach is a powerful marriage to help all people with periods live fulfilling, productive lives free from unnecessary pain, stigma, and disparities in care.”

Elix is working on conducting more clinical trials and expanding the line. Gu added, “Our team is currently in the process of conducting new clinical trials, and we are always working to expand our line of herbal formulas and educational resources to support the Elix community on their journeys to menstrual and overall wellness. We have a board of several prominent holistic practitioners and are working with women’s health communities across the country to continue sparking & normalizing conversations around menstrual and hormone health.


Elix healing Chinese medicineAll ingredients are 100% organic and super potent because they’re taken from fresh, whole herbs through low, slow extraction.  Their formulas are completely free from alcohols, preservatives and fillers. Here are some of the key Chinese herbs used in Cycle Balance.


This is a potent pain reliever proven to ease uterine and upper abdomen cramping.


Vitex Berry helps balance estrogen to progesterone levels and increases production of Luteinizing hormone and prolactin, reducing pain and inflammation, In Chinese medicine, Vitex Berry disperses wind and clears heat, making it great for headaches, and migraines.


Reduces cramping, headaches, fights acne and mood swings


Angelica is high Folic Acid, Iron, Biotin, Calcium, and Vitamins B12, A, and E and has been shown to balance hormones. In Chinese medicine, it’s able to regulate menstruation by generating new blood, invigorating blood flow, and dispersing cold blood.


Known for regulating menstruation and reducing menstrual symptoms like cramps, breast tenderness and mood changes


This has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. In Chinese medicine, Bupleurum clears heat, raises the yang qi, and relieves constraint. It also helps with irritability and emotional instability.


In Chinese Medicine, Motherwort is used to regulate heavy and irregular periods and invigorates the blood. According to Western medicine, Motherwort is a uterine stimulant that reduces blood clotting and allows blood to move more freely throughout the body.


Ginger is a key herb in Chinese medicine for warming the body, expelling cold, and resolving toxicity, making it great for treating all sorts of ailments.


In Chinese Medicine, Moutan Cortex clears heat, dispels stasis, and cools and invigorates the blood, helping the body to become more balanced.


In Chinese Medicine, Skullcap clears heat, dries damp, and subdues liver yang. According to modern research, skullcap is powerfully antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.


In Chinese Medicine, Szechuan Lovage Root invigorates blood, moves qi, and dispels wind to reduce pain. According to modern research, it reduces blood clotting and increases blood flow.


In Chinese medicine, Jujube tonifies the spleen and stomach, augments Qi, nourishes blood, and calms the spirit. According to modern research, jujube has been shown to reduce inflammation, support the immune system and support digestion by strengthening the stomach.

Elix Healing Side Effects

The herbs used in Elix Healing have been used for thousands of years and verified by hundreds of years of research, so there are minimal predicted side effects. Every individual is different, so there is no way to tell how it might impact each person.

It’s possible that some individuals may initially react with detoxing symptoms (fatigue, bloat, cramping) while the body works to release hormone-disrupting toxins that have been long stored, especially if you’ve just gotten off birth control.

How long does it take for Elix to work?

You should really start to notice a difference after 3-4 cycles. Many individuals start to notice improvements even within the first one to two cycles though. For some, it may take as long as 5-6 cycles, especially for those with underlying conditions.

Elix Healing for Fertility and Pregnancy

Elix Healing CAN be used while trying to conceive but should NOT be used if you are pregnant.

Does Elix work for PCOS and endometriosis?

Elix cannot cure the conditions of PCOS, fibroids and endometriosis (or other conditions) but research has shown their herbal blends can help relieve its symptoms. Always be sure to consult with your doctor before using these products to ensure they’re safe to use with existing medication.

How much does Elix Healing Cycle Balance cost?

Cycle Balance can be purchased as a 3 month bundle only for is $122.40. With code OBL20 you’ll save 20% off your first three months, dropping the cost to $92.16 for three months or just under $31 per bottle.

Elix Discount Code – OBL20 saves 20%

Use affiliate discount code OBL20 to save 20% at Elix.

Interview with Elix Founder Lulu Ge

Elix Healing cycle balanceWe chatted with Elix’s founder Lulu Ge to help our readers gain a deeper understanding of what Elix is all about. Read on for our interview!

Andrea: Tell us about your background.

Lulu: I’m Lulu Ge, Founder and CEO of Elix. My journey to the femtech industry was born out of my own frustrations with debilitating period symptoms, lack of support from the modern-day healthcare system, and feeling totally lost in trying to understand my own hormone health. 

Thanks to my family’s roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)—my grandfather ran a local hospital in Hunan—I found my way back to herbal medicine and rediscovered the healing potential of herbs and adaptogens. I quickly realized that we could all benefit from more personalized and holistic support, and thus, I set out to create Elix.

Andrea:  What inspired you to start Elix?

Lulu: I launched Elix after my own rollercoaster health journey in trying to understand my hormone health and seeking more holistic, natural ways for healing. In 2017, I decided to stop taking birth control, which led to experiencing severe menstrual pain during the most pivotal time in my career. OTC painkillers failed, and my OBGYN suggested a return to synthetic hormones. It felt like societal conversations centered around birth control, painkillers or ‘sucking it up’ as the only solutions to this discomfort. 

Feeling disillusioned with the options available, I turned to my grandfather for guidance. His wisdom guided me back to TCM, which reduced my inflammation, restored balance to my menstrual cycle, and started healing at the core. Through TCM, I discovered a natural approach to managing my menstrual symptoms. This experience sparked the idea of creating Elix.

Elix was born out of a desire to challenge and reshape the conversations surrounding hormone health. I aimed to empower others to connect with their bodies and take control of their hormone healing journeys. By providing a means to access the ancient wisdom of TCM, Elix aims to offer a practical solution for individuals dealing with chronic pain. Today, tens of thousands of people choose Elix to heal their periods and hormonal imbalances.

Andrea:  What are your values as a business?

Lulu: We have four core values at Elix woven into the fabric of our brand and ultimately influence the corporate culture day-to-day. 

Tuning In: Our personal healing journeys led to the launch of Elix. Our intention is to create a welcoming community that empowers us to listen to our bodies, trust our intuition, become our own best healers, and feel our best every day of our cycles. This directly relates to our internal cultural value of “Building a Future We’re Proud Of.” We work with the mindset of “how can we serve more people?” and “how can we build better experiences.” With Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Coaches on the team offering group and 1-1 sessions and 500+ ambassadors who are health and wellness practitioners, Elix is living up to these values by offering a wealth of educational programming and resources. We are building a strong, supportive community that celebrates our collective potential.

The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Lifestyle: Elix is the cultural bridge introducing people to TCM as a way of life and utilizing ancient wisdom to care for our health. It’s a holistic lifestyle philosophy, combining mind, body & spirit that is showcased through resources such as free breathwork classes, the wealth of recipes we offer online and complementary health coaching with our Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners. Being a holistic thought leader can mean multiple things in the workspace, which is why we promote proactive communication, constructive feedback and surface challenges, opportunities, learnings, and, of course, wins. We also are proud of our quarterly team retreats – such as our most recent one in upstate New York (Woodstock) where we experienced sound healing, yoga and hikes through a permaculture forest as we brainstormed around how transparency and honesty can further power our collaboration. 

The Proven Healing Potential of Plants: Educating people on the time-tested healing potential of plants and the modern clinical research/science that supports this ancient practice. We have completed the first IRB approved clinical trial for a personalized Chinese Medicine Supplement and are investing in several additional clinical trials this year. Everyone at team Elix has access and is encouraged to speak with our Health Coaches to better understand how TCM can fit into their lifestyles and is given complimentary product allowance to experience first-hand the healing for themselves.

Empowerment & Advocacy: On a mission to create greater equity in the healthcare system and beyond, empowering us to get the care we deserve so that we can take control of our lives and live up to our greatest potential. Our internal value of “Be the CEO of Your Own World” means we are all leaders empowering each other to take initiative and proactively problem-solve. We focus on what’s within our control, seek opportunities for ownership, and view obstacles as a stepping stone for growth. We work with intention, leading with kindness and positive impact towards ourselves and each other. 

Andrea:  When did you start Elix and how has it grown or changed from when you first started the brand and now?

Lulu: Since its inception in 2020, Elix has grown 2700% with customers ages 16-52 from all 50 states and Canada and has supported over 50,000 cycles. Significantly about half of Elix’s users identify as people of color who suffer disproportionately from implicit bias, poorer health outcomes, gaslighting, delay in care, unnecessary pain, and blame for chronic conditions. The Elix community has quickly become a place of support for menstrual and hormone health. Elix users have flocked to the company knowing they are not alone in their period pain, the veil of stigma and shame is lifted, and find holistic healing. The first clinical trial was just the first step for Elix. The company is dedicating more funds to advancing clinical research and natural solutions for chronic and stigmatized areas of women’s health and will proceed with future clinical trials targeting endometriosis, PCOS, and fibroids.

Andrea: What have been your biggest failures / successes so far?

Lulu: The biggest challenge we’ve faced as a business is figuring out how to change the deeply ingrained narrative around period and hormone health. So often, we hear that members in our community have been told to “suck it up” in regards to their period pain. As referenced above, chronic cycle related and hormonal imbalances affect 90% of people with periods, that’s around ~700 million people globally. Women’s pain is normalized so we just “deal with it!” 

We’ve been challenged to create a space where people can have open conversations about their bodies. We’re not “destigmatizing” but educating our community about our periods and the information it can give us about our bodies and health. We continually challenge the status quo by letting people with periods know that this isn’t “normal” and there are tools to help them. 

The overwhelmingly heart-felt testimonials about how Elix is changing lives is so rewarding! Countless women have told us that Elix was their last hope to help their hormone imbalances that were disrupting their lives: painful endometriosis belly and cramps are gone in three months after using Elix; hysterectomies are planned but ditched; decades of seeing doctor after doctor but then healing naturally within a few short months of using the products. This incredible feedback makes it all worth it.

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